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2017 Tournament scheduled for July 15-22

Congrats to Southboro on their 4-0 sweep!

Congrats to Webster as well on their best Tourney in a long time!  2-2 and were never out of any game!  Full 6 innings with a chance to come back in both losses.  The kids never gave up and played hard every inning!  Through four games they scored 42 runs and only gave up 36... Nice job boys!!!

2016 Tourney:  July 16 - 23


Saturday, July 16 Schedule
1.  Webster v. Quabog (14-8)
2.  Sturbridge v. Westboro
3.  Leicester v. Southboro 
4.  Shrewsbury N v. Charlton 
5.  Oxford v. Dudley
6.  Shrewsbury A v. Grafton
7.  Southbridge v. Northboro

Sunday July 17 Schedule
8.  Quabog v. Sturbridge
9.  Leicester v. Charlton
10.  Oxford v. Southbridge
11.  Northboro v. Grafton
12.  Dudley v. Shrewsbury A
13.  Southboro v. Shrewsbury N
14.  Webster v. Westboro (15-9)

Weekday Schedule (5:30 Games)
15.  Quabog (0-2) v. Grafton (0-2) (B Field)
16.  Sturbridge (1-1) v. Oxford (1-1) (A Field)
17.  Leicester (0-2) v. Southbridge (0-2) (C Field)
18.  Charlton (1-1) v. Dudley (1-1) (A Field)
19.  Shrewsbury N (1-1) v. Westboro (1-1) (B Field)
20.  Webster (2-0) v. Shrewsbury A (2-0) (A Field)
21.  Southboro (2-0) v. Northboro (2-0) (B Field)

Saturday, July 23:

Leicester (0-4) v. Quabog (1-3) 9am A field
Oxford (1-3) v. Westboro (2-2) 9am B field
Southbridge (1-3) v. Dudley (2-2) 9am C Field

Sturbridge (2-2) v. Shrewsbury N (3-1) 12pm A field
Charlton (3-1) v. Grafton (1-3) 12pm B field

Northboro (3-1) v. Webster (2-2)  3 pm C Field
Shrewsbury A (3-1) v. Southboro (4-0)  3pm A Field

Congrats to Southboro for the Championship win and for all teams for a great week of baseball! Thanks to all volunteers for making this happen!

Tournament Rules:  iview32.pdf


To get to our fields:

Our fields are on Little League Lane in Webster.  Use "Little League Lane" or "West Ave" on your GPS and please enter using West Ave and exit using Stefaniak Ave:


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